Monday, September 8, 2008

"Obama is a Muslim" = "I am a racist"

Racism is not dead in this country, not by a long shot, but at least certain forms of it are now considered unacceptable, and have to be expressed in other ways. The title of this post is one of them, but there are others. My feeling is that most people who would say the above are part of the 30% who would never vote for a democrat anyway under any circumstances. That is the result of the civil rights movement losing the white racist vote steadily since the 60's via the well-known GOP "Southern Strategy". Now that we have a Black candidate for president, it puts racists in the uncomfortable position of explaining their discomfort about him. And so they come up with these libelous euphemisms ("terrorist", "Marxist") and simply inaccurate ones ("Muslim") because hating those three groups is "OK". At least by some twisted logic.

These people are against everything America stands for. It should be told to their face when they say things like that. Ah but democrats are too polite for that kind of thing.

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