Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Call Them Lies, Barack! Use the word! Words matter!


Folks, it's pretty simple:

When John McCain says I'm going to increase taxes on folks making $42,000, he's lying to you.

When John McCain says I called his running mate a pig, he's lying to you.

When John McCain says I want to increase the size of government 23%, he's lying to you.

When John McCain says he never asked for an earmark or pork barrel project for his state, He's lying to you too.

Folks, John McCain is a liar. The straight talk express has become the doubletalk express. He lies to you and me now and will lie to us if he ever reaches the White House. And if that's the kind of president you want, you should go ahead and vote for him. That's not the kind of president I'll be.

Personally, I think we're here you and I, on a mission to restore honesty and integrity to the White House, something that's been missing there for nearly 8 years, and John McCain has shown he's just as bad as the current bunch, and maybe worse.

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Anonymous said...

You know what would be really cool? A candidate who spoke only if his/her own intentions-didn't have to defend anything, just gave us the facts and proposed direction. Instead of bazillions spent on campaigning, have each candidate put together a proposal of intentions and post them on the internet. Write it in plain everyday english so that a majority can understand. Thats it, the end. Read the proposals and vote/choose for the one that makes more sense. Also propose a general timeline for proposed accomplishments and have a review after 2 yrs, 4 yrs to see how you're doing. Leave those campaign donations in the dentists and programmers pockets. Leave those opposition bashing ads on the cutting room floor (finger pointers aren't that attractive).
And by golly, choose a running partner who lives in the lower 48 and is in touch with current events!
Cara C.