Friday, September 19, 2008

Emasculating McCain

John McCain has a new problem.

That's aside from the fact that he picked an unqualified nincompoop for a running mate to satisfy the right, rather than the very qualified nincompoop he wanted. The problem is, she's got more star power than he does. It makes him look very bad (not to mention old and decrepit) and there's no way out.

Already, she gives speeches in front of cheering crowds, who then head for the exits when McCain starts to drone. Already she starts referring to him as "my running mate" like *he*'s the VP candidate. Already his solo speeches are extremely poorly attended. This has to hurt. Maybe that's part of the reason why he has seemed so deflated and un-feisty lately. If he can't control the agenda of his own campaign, how is he going to even *seem* like he can run the nation.

What happened to McCain? He used to be a very different guy!

I think the important moment he was broken was not in the 60's, it was in 2000 during the South Carolina primary. And the guy who did it (Rove) is both running the show now from behind the scenes, AND the one responsible for his disastrous VP pick.

McCain used to be an interesting guy, yes a hero and a maverick. But face facts, the guy is old and losing it. Remember when the famous general von Bismarck became president of his country with a charismatic young right-wing prime minister? But von Bismarck was old and could not control the show any more by mere force of his considerable personality. We all know how that turned out.

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