Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Texas Caucus update

I wrote before about what I saw a potential shenanigans by Clinton supporters at the Caucus. I have to apologize, and I will edit my post to reflect this: The lady in question was a pledged Clinton delegate whose phone number we had gotten by mistake. That means by saying she was undecided she was swinging our way, not the other way! That said, I have no wish to influence her decision. She has a moral obligation to represent the wishes of the people who elected her, and I'd prefer she do that. Otherwise it's us that were up to no good!

In general, there was some disorganized craziness which the heroic efforts of my wife appear to have sorted out. We will see at the Obama delegate party tonight at my house. I think we will have a full Obama delegation ready to go Saturday morning and win a state delegate (worth about 1/100 of a national delegate) for Senator Obama.

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