Thursday, March 27, 2008

It *should* go down to the wire

Everyone seems to be upset about the current stalemate in the democratic party, worrying about the damage being done. The only thing about this that bothers me is the long time gaps between the last few contests, ones that won't change the outcome one bit. That and the democrats' tendency to attack each other rather than their opponent.

But there are several good things about the situation:

1) The republican scream machine doesn't know who to attack. It's hard to sustain a level of hysteria against two opponents at once who are so different. And hysteria is all the republicans have to offer this time around.
2) The drama keeps the base engaged, and gives them time to talk to their undecided friends.
3) The dem nominee will get a big bump when the nomination is resolved.
4) Both candidates are building structures in 50 states that will be hugely useful in the general election.
5) John McCain doesn't know what kind of campaign to prepare for.

If we can just refrain from attacking each other, we'll be fine.

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