Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Burris under the saddle

Something is really bugging me about the controversy surrounding the appointment of Roland Burris to the Senate. In particular about the Dems reaction to it. If the Democrats are about good government, then they can hardly refuse to seat the duly appointed junior Senator from Illinois. The fig leaf that the appointment is not signed by the Illinois Secretary of State is just that, and won't be that for much longer. At most the onus is now on that Scretary of State (one Jesse White) to do his job. No matter what you may think about Blagojevich or his intentions, he has the job of Governor legally for the moment and has exercised his right under the relevant State and National constitutions to appoint a replacement for Barack Obama.

How can any Democrat now say that politics trumps process? It's unreal.

Now if there's evidence that Blago actually took money or some such for his appointment, rather than just talking about it, there might be an issue. But nobody has yet said that's the case, and it's not up to Blago or Burris to prove their innocence.

So lets get on with it...

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