Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Now the #1 reason why I write this blog: So I can get stuff off my chest and go to sleep:
  1. Are the culture wars over for now?
  2. Can Republicans admit the legitimacy of a democratic president?
  3. Can the GOP operate as a respectful minority party?
  4. Will they give Obama the room to govern, now that he has a clear mandate from the people of the United States?
The next set of things to worry about. But you know -- they somehow aren't that troubling. I predict Barack Obama will be a much less irritating president to the Right than Bill Clinton was. The usual suspects will agitate, but not get much traction against him. Even more so than Ronald Reagan, who was a very controversial figure at times. I'll bet we're in for a very good eight years, a politically peaceful time. I hope I haven't jinxed it. Doesn't matter, nobody reads this blog anyway.

Good Night!

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I do Prof. Snow!